20 years Graffiti Museum – 8 excursions

Announcement poster of the event "8 excursions through the Graffiti Museum".
Departments: Total Text, Emptiness of Meaning, Megalomania, Panel Images, War Games, Territorial Marking, Arrowheads, Memory Pieces.
With: Coco Bergholm, Maximilian Brauer, Lena Dorn, Christian Driesen, Lukas Fuchsgruber, Anna Herms, Matthias Hübner, Wilhelm Klotzek, Thomas Lindenberg, Christoph May, Franziska Pierwoß, Anna Schäffler, Jana Slaby, Max Stocklosa, SISKA, Christian Tschirner

Happy Birthday to 20 years of Graffiti Museum!
The celebration takes place over the next 3 weekends (29/30/31 Oct, 5/6/7 Nov, 12/14 Nov 2021) with 8 excursions into the biggest and most beautiful museum, the city space.

The excursions are for free. Registration required by phone (0179 7437285).
Meeting point: Adlerhalle behind the Finanzburg Kreuzberg (Mehringdamm 20, near U-Bahnhof Hallesches Tor or Mehringdamm).

Full programme at www.graffitimuseum.de (in German).
In cooperation with CoCooN.

Excursions on the 1st weekend:
#1 29.10. – 18:00 Department of Megalomania
OTELO ÜF PARADIS – Graffiti as script, city as instruction. We put a hypersensitive embodiment and a hardened dramaturge on the road.
With: Christian Tschirner and Maximilian Brauer

#2 30.10. – 15:00 Department Precinct Marking
WUFF IFC KATDOG – How do we set signs and what temporality are they subject to? The city explodes with marked precincts. Where are we among all these codes? And what can be preserved from it? A wandering between shop windows, flower tubs and public places of need.
With the sculptor Wilhelm Klotzek and the art conservation researcher Anna Schäffler

#3 31.10. – 15:00 Department of Arrowheads
→ * „ o “ ! – We look at the accessories of graffiti. Crowns, halos, gender asterisks, quotation marks. What do these decorative elements and embellishments tell us about their creators, about the relationship of graffiti to advertising and typography, and about ourselves?
With Thomas Lindenberg (performance artist and translator) and Matthias Hübner (designer and publisher).

Excursions on the 2nd weekend:
#4 5.11. – 18:00 Department of Meaninglessness
SOLID SLUGG GRAMO – Many say one cannot read graffiti. Like a slime mould, they gum up the surfaces and their rhizomes permeate the entire city. In this, one cannot deny a desire for recognisability and the intention to be understood. But does handwriting really aim at legibility? And how can we still read if we don’t understand anything?
Jana Slaby is a photographer and deals with the aggregate states of matter, philosopher Christian Driesen has thought about the formless and written a theory of scribbling.

#5 6.11. – 15:00 War Games Department
VATR RETRO PLAYR – On the site of the former barracks of the mounted army, we trace the intrusive war metaphors of graffiti.
Anna Herms creates images from text and sound, she meets Christoph May, retired graffiti author and critical men’s researcher.

#6 7.11. – 15:00 Department of panel paintings
PALMENPOWER IN SILBER UND SCHWARZ – If the city is the only true graffiti museum, what displays do the exhibits here represent, what orders does the street offer to contemplate graffiti? What kind of mediation are we given? How do we find our way between the departments? Who protects the exhibits, what visual axes are offered to us?
The museologist Lukas Fuchsgruber and the artist Max Stocklosa have also asked themselves these questions.

Excursions on the 3rd weekend:
#7 12.11. – 18:00 Full text Department
DÖNER VERY BOSS 89 – The overall text graffiti is blue. It is infinite and romantic, but also full of gaps, secret passages and multiple meanings. Reading it carries the risk of losing faith in words.
With translator Lena Dorn and camouflagist and metagraffiti artist Coco Bergholm, we encounter graffiti in dark Kreuzberg with the eyes of projection and the landing net of language.

#8 14.11. – 15:00 Memory Gaps Department
+-0 SOCKE BIO – Graffiti are private stories, one-word biographies, succinctly recorded in public. They function as association, Archimedean point, aroma – through time. Each and every one of us has our own story with individual characters.
The artist duo SISKA & Franziska Pierwoß use graffiti to tell themselves and us their personal life stories.