Action Plan Urban Praxis

Post-it with a short definition of Urban Praxis

Berlin is facing great challenges: the city is growing, becoming more international, the gap between rich and poor is widening, spaces are becoming scarcer and the air is getting worse. Work is becoming more complex in terms of conditions and perspectives, public space and meeting places beyond closed scenes are rare. The typical problem zones of a metropolis are emerging, capital is displacing fantasy!
How do we want to live together in the future? Berliners need more space to meet and actively try things out: a living Urban Praxis! Throughout the city there are a number of diverse actors and projects that cannot be categorised under the usual genres. In their innovative ways of working, they not only respond to major challenges of our time, but proactively develop new perspectives, animate and build places, enable relationships – experiment with utopias for a future city life. Urban Praxis helps with re-learning, enables trial situations for doing things differently in the city, and supports and accompanies social transformation processes.

Structurally, there is a need for intermediary cooperation and the merging of approaches and funding structures that were previously separated by department. The action plan refers to structures, spaces and resources to achieve the synergies outlined in the qualities.
We rely on interdisciplinarity in combination with wise thrift: through interdepartmental cooperation, the goals of the new city with all its social, cultural, ecological and economic transformations can be worked out synergistically and achieved in stages even under difficult budgetary circumstances. What is needed now is intermediary coordination and shared visions that carry the spirit of a living transformation: civic engagement, far-sighted politics and well-staffed administrations can initiate the processes hand in hand with the actors of Urban Praxis.

The Action Plan can be downloaded here (in German only).