Arne Schmitt’s exhibition at the station urbaner kulturen / nGbK Hellersdorf

Photo by Arne Schmitt, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020, without title, from the series When alignment becomes form / Faculty of Philosophy, 2011/2020

The exhibition “Arne Schmitt. Zum Gedanken der aktiven Minderheit” (“Arne Schmitt. On the thoughts of the active minority”) should have opened today at the station urbaner kulturen / nGbK Hellersdorf. The exhibitions of the nGbK remain closed until further notice due to the current regulations. Appointments for the press can be organised by writing at

Arne Schmitt’s photographic and video work examines consumption zones, administrative units and educational landscapes. His recordings “show a built and – in the videos – experienced creative will to bring a better world into being”.

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