Book release: „Baustelle Urbane Praxis in Marzahn“

Announcement poster for the "book" release "Baustelle Urbane Praxis in Marzahn" with drawings by F. Teti: a person rides a bicycle, a person dances, a child uses a wooden vehicle

On 19 November, from 6 p.m., the „book“ »Baustelle Urbane Praxis in Marzahn« (Urban Praxis construction site in Marzahn) ) will be presented in the „Lobby“.

Intellectual production and practice often remain separate worlds. In a self-designed booklet, drawings and multilingual texts are used to report „from practice“ at Stadtwerk mrzn (S27). A selection of examples and theses conveys some background and the diverse fields of action of Urban Praxis. It is an experiment: the hope is to make dreams and strategies for the preservation and development of the city – our living space – accessible to urban practitioners and a diverse audience.

Drop by for text, music, snacks! (please bring a certificate of vaccination or recovery and a negative test result)

With: Stadtwerk mrzn // S27 – Kunst und Bildung // Dj Softee
Illustrations: Federica Teti