Cooperation in Spreepark

Collage of a picture of the facade of the workshop hall in Spreepark and of a picture of the interior of the hall

In Spreepark, there are a hall and a meadow that are now available for urban praxis activities. Projects on site are coordinated by Loop-Kollektiv, a collective of Clubcommission.
Anyone with a concept that can be implemented in Spreepark without additional funding can contact the Urbane Praxis project office. The project office forwards the request directly to the collective.
Anyone who needs funding to implement the concept can apply for DRAUSSENSTADT’s Call for Action. Spreepark is one of the model areas.

What makes this area so special? Its history, of course (here is a documentary film about Spreepark). In the context of Urban Praxis, however, it is its potential to enable interdepartmental cooperation. The entire area is being developed by Grün Berlin as a municipal partner on behalf of the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection (SenUVK). This means that actors from the cultural, artistic and social domains can contribute to the further development of the area with their interdisciplinary work and thus show that Urban Praxis can tackle big questions, interlink topics of urban and social space development, environment and culture, link questions and thus redefine and create new spaces, places and functions.