Dimension and impact of Urban Praxis

Aerial view of the work tables at the workshop "Office for Urban Cross-Sectional Tasks" from 18 August 2021

Invited or self-commissioned, artists and urban practitioners are often called in at short notice when the problem situation in cities becomes too critical and conventional means are no longer effective. What are the prerequisites for the development of the potential of approaches that shape society from the artistic-urban praxis? Worldwide examples show how effective some projects can become.

ZKB* at Haus der Statistik invites actors of urban space to a one-day exchange, reflection and workshop. „…soll am Liebsten ALLES umgestalten und zwar SOFORT!“ Ansprüche an und Realitäten von Arbeitenden in Urbaner Praxis (“…would rather redesign EVERYTHING and do it IMMEDIATELY!” Demands and realities of workers in urban praxis) – in German only on Thursday, 23 September 2021 from 09:45 to 15:30 at Haus der Statistik.

In a joint exchange between actors of urban space (administration, initiatives, organisations, Urban Praxis campuses, praxis labs, funders, administration, theory, creative urban praxis), the relationship between impact and dimension in the field of urban practice will be discussed and deepened based on individual experiences. Two facilitated workshops will help both explore the dimensions of the different practices and raise awareness for their impact orientation and its relevance in the urban context.

In addition to reflection and in-depth analysis through different formats, the aim of the event is to get to know and introduce as well as reflect on one’s own self-image, to sensitise for impact orientation and its relevance. The day serves to broaden perspectives, to network and to invite more interdepartmental cooperation.

09.45 Welcome
10.00 Workshop dimension, moderated by Susanne Bosch
11.30 Interface dimension and impact, moderated by Mitkunstzentrale
12.15 Lunch break
13.00 Workshop impact, moderated by Jennifer Aksu
14.15 Panel discussion How/why directing the attention to impact in Urban Praxis? With 4 guests, moderated by Jennifer Aksu
15.30 End

Registration required at np@zusammenkunft.berlin.

The following people/organisations are actively involved in the organisation:
Jennifer Aksu, Susanne Bosch, Mitkunstzentrale (Erik Göngrich, Nora Wilhelm, Marcos Garcia Perez), Yves Mettler, Adolfo del Valle, ZKB eG

Photo: S27, Luis Krummenacher