PRAXISWOCHE from 05. - 10. September all over Berlin!

Discover with us this year’s PRAXISWOCHE of the Urban Praxis e.V.! Under the motto “Own your City!” this exciting week will take place from Sept. 5 to Sept. 10 throughout Berlin. .

The week is dedicated to Urban Practice appropriating its city (“Own your City!”). The topics range from urban noise, bird and insect inclusive architecture, to active participation by youth, initiatives to different barriers and how we can collectively overcome them.

Let yourself drift through the secret plant corners of Berlin on a raft tour and encounter the city sounds; discover the invisible infrastructure of our city on walks along the canal or help build a fountain on a brownfield site with and by young people. Discover what happens on our roofs: the microcosm of the roofs of Wedding. Explore who actually owns the park and co-develop a film that reveals the invisible boundaries in the city. Findet heraus, wie Spätis das Herz unserer sozialen Infrastruktur in der Stadt sein können.

The best way to end the days is with a cocktail and explosive discussions about the balance of power in the city, or rather with a sauna on the sidewalk, with your favorite karaoke songs to sing along to.

With workshops on How To appropriation (“Own your City!”) your learned knowledge will be put to use and can change the city in the long run with help from the network!

So SAVE THE DATE 05.09. – 10.09.2023 and look forward to the full program!

Since the program is intended to be as low-threshold and easily accessible as possible, and we only have a certain network as well as communication capacities, we would be very happy if content of any kind is shared! We would like to build on your support.


Netzwerkstelle Urbanen Praxis e.V.


This year’s PRAXISWOCHE aims to communicate about and highlight barriers. Comprehensive information regarding the accesses will be attached to the program. With this program we want to present new perspectives and offer a stage to explicitly marginalized groups.

This year’s contributors include:

Transformationslabor für feuchte Fragilität, Fluss Bad Berlin e.V., Operation Himmelblick, Floating e.V., ZK/U Berlin, Educational departmant; ZEDucation GbR), Peripherilion – Paolo Bradicic, David Dietrich, who are we – Mascha Fehse und Licia Soldavini), Kooperation zwischen Make-up e.V., Operation Himmelblick, MoMo Sauna und Tom Meyer, Pool Potentials (Genua e.V.), Zentrum Raum e.V., GEMEINWOHLORIENTIERTE STADTENTWICKLUNG e.V., Parasite Parking, S27 – Kunst und Bildung mit Federica Teti, Katja Schmidt, Silvia Pajuelo and Luis Miguel – Klima und Kiez AG, Offener Kanal Europa, UPon – Urban Practices from other nooks – Lorene Goesele und Valeria Schwarz, Craftyard / Initiative Akazienkiez, Stadtlärm, und viele weitere

The project is part of the initiative DRAUSSENSTADT, funded by the Berlin Project Fund Urban Practice and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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