Book release: „Baustelle Urbane Praxis in Marzahn“

On 19 November, the "book" "Baustelle Urbane Praxis in Marzahn" (will be

Announcement poster for the "book" release "Baustelle Urbane Praxis in Marzahn" with drawings by F. Teti: a person rides a bicycle, a person dances, a child uses a wooden vehicle

On 19 November, from 6 p.m., the „book“ »Baustelle Urbane Praxis in Marzahn« (Urban Praxis construction site in Marzahn) ) will be presented in the „Lobby“.

Intellectual production and practice often remain separate worlds. In a self-designed booklet, drawings and multilingual texts are used to report „from practice“ at Stadtwerk mrzn (S27). A selection of examples and theses conveys some background and the diverse fields of action of Urban Praxis. It is an experiment: the hope is to make dreams and strategies for the preservation and development of the city – our living space – accessible to urban practitioners and a diverse audience.

Drop by for text, music, snacks! (please bring a certificate of vaccination or recovery and a negative test result)

With: Stadtwerk mrzn // S27 – Kunst und Bildung // Dj Softee
Illustrations: Federica Teti