„Fuß in der Tür“ – #1 ZK/U

„Fuß in der Tür“ – a podcast by and for urban practitioners
#1 ZK/U – The start of the podcast series
Listen now: urbane-praxis.thfradio.com (in German only)

– What exactly is “urban praxis” and how does it influence our daily life in the city? Mona Saddei and Tomma Suki talk with Matthias Einhoff from ZK/U about Berlin in the 90s, about free spaces and displacement and, of course, about what art actually has to do with urban praxis.

Research and editorial work Heimo Lattner, production Ayosha Kortlang, illustration Tomma Suki
A cooperation of the Initiative Urbane Praxis and Torhaus and THF Radio
“Fuß in der Tür“ is a production of the Initiative Urbane Praxis and is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe as part of the DRAUSSENSTADT programme.

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