“Fuß in der Tür” – #3 Haus der Statistik

The cross-fit shoe with crampons symbolising the work of the Haus der Statistik

„Fuß in der Tür“ – a podcast of and for urban practitioners
#3 Haus der Statistik – The third episode of the podcast series
Listen now: urbane-praxis.thfradio.com (in German only)
In the third episode, we welcome the Haus der Statistik as our guest.

Mona Saddei and Tomma Suki talk to Jennifer Aksu and Nina Peters about the current developments around the model project Haus der Statistik. Here, future users can participate at the steering level. How exactly does that work, though? Among other things, it requires stamina, sensitivity and the right footwear: a cross-fit shoe with crampons.
If you are still wondering what Urban Praxis actually is, you should definitely listen in, because in the second part of the episode it gets really concrete!

Research and editorial work Heimo Lattner, production Ayosha Kortlang, illustration Tomma Suki
A cooperation of the Initiative Urbane Praxis and Torhaus and THF Radio
„Fuß in der Tür“ is a production of the Initiative Urbane Praxis and is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe as part of the DRAUSSENSTADT programme.

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