Glossary of Urban Praxis

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The Glossary can be downloaded here (in German) and here (in English).

In continuation of the May conference “SITUATION BERLIN #1” of the Initiative Urbane Praxis, a manifesto of Urban Praxis will be developed in the framework of “SITUATION BERLIN #2” at the end of November: Who makes city and with which cultures and practices? How can the right to the city be formulated without dogmatism?

The bilingual “Glossary of Urban Praxis. Towards a manifesto”, published by Jochen Becker (curator, critic, metroZones/station urbaner kulturen), Anna Schäffler (art historian, CoCooN), Simon Sheikh (art historian, Head of Curating Goldsmiths, University of London) and nGbK Berlin, now provides the basis for work on a manifesto as well as the future direction of Urban Praxis.

The aim is to sharpen the understanding of Urban Praxis through the polyphony of the actors and at the same time to work out its central criteria and qualities. The aim is to inscribe their potentials with their artistic, creative and activist procedures in the urban discourse: How exactly do these modes of action relate to each other and what “inherent logics” accompany them? What can be learned from the practices and standards of other fields in the sense of a self-critical post-disciplinarity?

Various actors from the field of Urban Praxis introduce important terms of Urban Praxis or critically examine circulating terms. The contributions are made available online with further terms and a shadow glossary. The glossary contributions reveal the cross-genre and cross-departmental dimension of Urban Praxis. The Initiative Urbane Praxis fundamentally feeds on three directions: artistic and curatorial, urbanistic-planning and design-building, and socio-cultural and activist practice.

The jointly compiled Glossary with its approximately 30 printed contributions, as well as a shadow index, points to necessary urban strategies that lead to meaningful Urban Praxis: how can new forms of living together in the city be implemented, which draw on the hidden histories and fragments of the past, address current problems and orient themselves towards the future? How can approaches to this be guided and consolidated in structural and institutional ways without becoming fossilised?

The Glossary does not only provide a vocabulary for the current urbanity and the need for urban and artistic action, but also shows what Urban Praxis in its diversity can bring to the city of today and tomorrow. Through the concrete formulation of goals, means, ideas and ideals, the Glossary provides terms for use and contributes to the elaboration of a common first manifesto of Urban Praxis.

Published by: Jochen Becker, Anna Schäffler, Simon Sheikh, nGbK Berlin
Design: Lena & Andrea Appenzeller
Cover: Christoph Schäfer
Publishing & distribution: nGbK Berlin (

Aaa, Bremen
Jennifer Aksu, Berlin
Elisa Aseva, Berlin
Markus Bader, Berlin
Jochen Becker, Berlin
Ele Carpenter, Umeå
Niccolò Cuppini, Bologna
Giorgio de Finis, Rom
Matthias Einhoff, Berlin
Jesko Fezer, Berlin/Hamburg
Vera Fritsche, Berlin
Erik Göngrich, Berlin
Jenny Goldberg, Berlin
Elke Krasny, Vienna
Sabine Kroner, Berlin
Christoph Laimer, Vienna
Jan Lemitz, Duisburg
Annette Maechtel, Berlin
Barbara Meyer, Berlin Peter Mörtenböck & Helge Mooshammer, Vienna/London
Nils Norman, Amsterdam/Munich
Jelka Plate, Berlin Susanne Priebs & Christoph Schmidt, Düsseldorf/Berlin
Ivana Rohr, Hannover
Klaus Ronneberger, Frankfurt/M
Christoph Schäfer, Hamburg
Friederike Schäfer, Berlin/Karlsruhe
Anna Schäffler, Berlin Helmut Schneider, Düsseldorf
Anton Schünemann, Berlin
Simon Sheikh, Berlin/London
Todosch Schlopsnies, Berlin
Sabine Stövesand, Hamburg
Tirdad Solghadr, Berlin/Bern
Federica Teti, Berlin
Leonie Wendel, Düsseldorf
Kathrin Wildner, Berlin