Keeping Common Spaces Open

Mapping the Kotti Shop, UDK (guest lecturer Urban Planning). © AG station urbaner kulturen

“Keeping Common Spaces Open” is the result of a collaboration between students of the UdK Berlin and the station urbaner kulturen/nGbK Hellersdorf. The exhibition deals with new, non-profit-oriented urban development processes and shows the mapping of communal space productions at Cottbusser Platz in Hellersdorf, in front of the New Kreuzberg Centre at Kottbusser Tor and at Hermannplatz.

By Dagmar Pelger.
With: Maria Arnold, Laurenz Blaser, Chloe Borreguero Boleis, Anders Grivi Coleman, Raquel Gómez Delgado, Oliver Gudzowski, Paula Granda, Julia Hartmeyer, Tilman Haseloff, Gustav Ingold, Jakob Köchert, Sarah Malinowski, Leon Parasin und Romin Walter

The exhibition takes place from 29 August until 4 September.
It is open every day from 3 to 7 p.m.
Further information can be found on the website of nGbK.

Photo: Mapping of Kotti Shop, UDK (guest lecturer Urban Planning). © WG station urbaner kulturen