Material storage

Sure: Urban Praxis is about (city) making, but documentation, reflection on what Urban Praxis is and what it does, is also part of this praxis domain. As a first step, we collect here information, sources and materials for, about and from Urban Praxis.

Our collection is organised according to format and not (yet) thematically sorted: from audio files like our podcast episodes and the #drift dialogues to academic literature, from videos to other written publications, from press releases to information about funding opportunities, from events to everything that can’t really be classified, this collection of material offers a wide range of resources. In this way, we hope that you let yourself be driven by curiosity or by chance and discover something new.

How these materials can be systematically archived, retained and expanded for future use will be researched in the frame of the Urban Praxis archival project by CoCoon.


In the six episodes of the podcast series, participating artists, architects and urban activists exchange with the moderators from Torhaus, Mona Saddei and Tomma Suki Hinrichsen, in the studio of THF Radio. Using examples of diverse practices, also beyond Berlin, they discuss perspectives and potentials of urban praxis and why now is a good time to talk about it.

„Fuß in der Tür“ (Foot in the door), a podcast by and for urban practitioners, is a production of the Initiative Urbane Praxis
Research: Heimo Lattner, Production: Ayosha Kortlang (THF Radio).

#drift dialogues

We talk and think ABOUT Urban Praxis (ÜBER Urbane Praxis) – totally Corona-compliant during intimate walks. With people who have been shaping the city for a long time together with residents, administrators, artists, architects and curators. The most beautiful moments of these walks have been collected as #drift dialogues and can be listened here and on Instagram.

A collectionABOUT Urban Praxis (ÜBER Urbane Praxis) is growing from these conversations.. Based on the pioneering project Haus der Statistik (House of Statistics), it practically compiles intensive experiences, strategies, explanations, modes of action around urban praxis and empowers visitors to shape Berlin together..


A compilation of various text formats and forms created by and with urban practitioners. From recommendations to academic literature to shorter magazine articles, there is something for everyone..

Event archive

The archive of events, conferences, talks, workshops and other activities organised by urban practitioners as well as other events from other actors relevant to urban praxis. Even if you weren’t there, you can learn about the results and see what took place (despite Corona), listen to some recordings and read minutes, or just get inspired for the coming year on how to rebuild and design city.


An archive of videos of different lengths that resonate with Urban Praxis, tell something about Urban Praxis and/or have been produced by the actors of the Initiative Urbane Praxis. Make yourselves comfortable and take a look!


There are journalistic reports also about the (Initiative) Urban(e) Praxis: sometimes it concerns a campus, sometimes a city lab, sometimes the topic of “Urban Praxis” and sometimes our Initiative. Here you can read what the press says about us.


Chaos is part of the creative potential of Urban Praxis and this means that not all materials produced within the Initiative can be categorised. Therefore, we have a colourful compilation of other formats and materials here.