Berlin’s network

The network brings together groups and projects that support the aims and contents of the Initiative Urbane Praxis. The latest steps of the Initiative are reported and discussed in regular network meetings. In this way, the network partners provide impulses for the further development of urban praxis.

The following organisations are network partners:

Berlin’s Project Fund Urbane Praxis // Foundation for Cultural Education and Cultural Consulting
Campaign Draussenstadt // Kulturprojekte Berlin
THF Radio
Torhaus Berlin e.V.
Bauhütte Kreuzberg e.V.
Strandbad Tegelsee
Schinkel Pavillion
Kiezblock Neukölln (KBNK)
Penthaus à la Parasit
Fahrrad3000 / Karawane Parkraum

and many more

Federal network

Thinking outside of… your cup of tea:
We call for an Urban Praxis Federal Network!

The initial spark will be given at the conference you promised me a City on Saturday at 6 p.m. at thePLATZ-Project in Hanover.
Feel free to bring your own cups for a toast!

Row of cups that were self-potted as part of an Urban Praxis coffee klatsch
If you can’t be there – no problem – here is the possibility to register for the distribution list of the Urban Praxis Federal Network:

    If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at