Palm research as Urban Praxis

A man tends the top of a palm tree

Contrary to the existing assumption that there can be no palm trees in Berlin due to the climate, one finds a veritable biotope of different palm representations in the city.
As a symbol for the other, better place, palm trees reflect a certain imaginary understanding of space and a related idea of social order.
With an analysis of the Berlin palm landscape, Yann Colonna wants to decipher how the different actors position themselves in relation to their environment and which images they thereby (re)-produce in the context of (post)-colonialism.

In the coming weeks, Yann will explore Berlin’s palm tree landscape together with the visitors of the Tuesday bar and fill the “Lobby” with good humour and exciting stories from everyday urban life.
The first appointment is on 16 November from 6 p.m.: Yann gives us a sneak preview of the state of his practice as a palm researcher and invites you to get involved, think along or just laugh along.