Haus der Statistik

In 2015, the planned demolition of the GDR administration building was prevented by the Haus der Statistik initiative, a group of dedicated artists, architects, cultural workers, and politicians. Since 2018, Koop5 – an association of members from civil society and the public sector – has been working cooperatively and with joint responsibility to develop the area into a community-oriented and mixed-use district. Space for art, culture, social affairs and education, affordable housing and a new town hall for central and administrative uses will be created in the existing building and throughout approx. 65,000 m² of new construction. The ground floors of the new quarter are intended to serve the common good. To this end, the foundation stones are being laid in a process-based and prototypical fashion with the pioneer uses in mind, during the planning and construction phase.

The pioneer uses demonstrate the cooperative planning process in practice and offer an active additional value for urban society, in which today, neighbourhood and city-wide requirements already find their place on-site.
Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72, 10178 Berlin