Save the date: SITUATION BERLIN #1

Aerial view „Kreise Ziehen 4“ (Drawing circles 4), Place Internationale, station urbaner kulturen / nGbK Hellersdorf, 2020. © Juan Camilo Alfonso Angulo

Situation Berlin: Workshop Conference for Urban Praxis

29-30 May 2021, Online

Berlin is characterised by stubbornly initiated urban art projects, self-initiated buildings and a rich social culture. The right to the city is fought for and practised by many through the arts, design, planning and action. However, the pandemic has further intensified the pressure on urban development, social cohesion and urban cultures.
How can these and other crises be averted? What structures are needed in the long term? Who shapes the city, and with which cultures?
The Workshop Conference SITUATION BERLIN #1 focuses on the search for a redefinition and long-term stabilisation of urban practices and urban cultures in Berlin. What’s next?

In continuation of the “Urban Cultures” event (nGbK / Berlinische Galerie 2019), a two-part workshop conference of the Initiative Urbane Praxis kicks off with SITUATION BERLIN #1. Via Zoom and from the campus projects station urbaner kulturen/nGbK Hellersdorf – Place Internationale, Dragoner-Areal Kreuzberg, Haus der Statistik Mitte, organised and cureted by a team of nGbK with among others Jesko Fezer, Graziela Kunsch, Barbara Meyer for the Initiative Urbane Praxis, Adam Page, Renée Tribble and many more as guests.

Further information about the registration modalities and the programme can be found here.

Organisers: nGbK and Initiative Urbane Praxis
Team: Concept by Jochen Becker/metroZones, assisted by Licia Soldavini/constructlab, supported by Birgit Effinger, adviced by Simon Sheikh/Goldsmiths College and in close cooperation with specialist and cultural-political stakeholders

Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe as part of the DRAUSSENSTADT programme