Urban Praxis in StadtNeudenken’s magazine

An excerpt from the website of StadtNeudenken magazine, where you can see a photo of the façade of the Haus der Statistik (House of Statistics) and a photo of a campaign poster from the Initiative Urbane Praxis.

The new magazine of the Initiative StadtNeudenken (litt. Rethinking the city) is out and the Initiative Urbane Praxis is among the authors: With the article “Besser zusammenleben – Wie Urbane Praxis neue Formen der Stadtentwicklung erprobt” (Living better together – How Urban Praxis tests new forms of city development; in German only), we present ourselves and our approach again. “If Berlin’s land and property policy is to be realigned, Urban Praxis and its experimental areas are an essential tool in this direction”. Why? Read the article and find it out and/or come and visit us in the “Lobby”!

The article can be found online at magazin.stadtneudenken.net