Wasserwerk Festival

Children play on the street at Wasserwerk. Photo by Mohamed Badarne

The Wasserwerk Festival takes place on 18 and 19 September: it starts on saturday at 3 p.m. and goes on until 9:30 p.m. On Sunday, there are activities between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.
The programme is varied: there are workshops, concerts, food, video, sound and photography, radio, gardening, circus, exchange and talks on the theme “Social imaginations – in which city do we want to live?” Overall, about ten projects present their work at three sites:
Place A: Wassertorstr. 60, backyard with playground
Place B: Outreach / Kastanienplatz, Bergfriedstr. 20
Place C: Wasserwerk, Wassertorstraße 21a.

Further information can be found on Facebook or in the downloadable programme (in German only).

With and thanks to: Berlin Mondiale, Wasserwerk, Fazagir, Wassertok, Gewobag, Balkan Spirit Ensamble, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Turning Tables Germany, Outreach, Queen Bees & the Beat, Cabuwazi, MigLoom, Anemone Kollektiv, We are born free Radio, BENN & QM Wassertorplatz, Mobile Dance e.V., Statthaus Böcklerpark, Stadtteilmütter, Nora Amin, Alaa Zouiten, Gemeinschaftsunterkunft Stallschreiber Straße, Gemeinschaftsunterkunft Alte Jakobstraße and many more.

It is not necessary to register, but you need to bring a negative test result or a certificate of vaccination or recovery.

Photo: © Mohamed Badarne