What does the future of Dammweg 216 look like?

Proposal for the development of the Neighbourhood Campus Dammweg

There is a new proposal of the District of Neukölln for the development of the Neighbourhood Campus Dammweg. Do the 1.5 hectares of the old Carl-Legien school garden have to disappear under the perspective construction that is planned for the area, or can social infrastructure, art and urban greenery be thought together?

There is a lack of social infrastructure in the adjacent Weisse Siedlung (White Settlement). This could be a place where different cultures, people and ways of life can come together and benefit from each other.

During the participation process, until 24 June, you can share your ideas concerning the development of the area! Not only digitally, but als on site: on 17 June, (12:00-14:00) on occasion of an exchange with the Neighbourhood Management of the Dammweg settlement.

You can get your own impression of the site at any time: always Tuesday-Friday 11:00-18:00, Sunday 12:00-17:00 or also during the 48-hour Neukölln festival next weekend.
To join the online participation process click here.

Photo: © QM Weisse Siedlung (Neighbourhood Management White Settlement)