With the Urbane Praxis e.V. association, we want to work actively and specifically on breaking down barriers. We firmly believe ... Accessibility

With the Urbane Praxis e.V. association, we want to work actively and specifically on breaking down barriers. We firmly believe that a shared and just city is only possible if we take into account the needs of the people who live in it. As Urbane Praxis e.V., we look forward to working with you as hosts and guests to enable further progress in this direction.

We know we are still at the beginning here, but we want to take the first steps with you. We look forward to tackling this exciting development with you and experiencing an association full of inspiration, exchange and collaboration!

If you have any questions or comments on the subject of accessibility, please contact us at

Informationen “Lobby” Urbane Praxis e.V.


The lobby is on the first floor and is accessible at ground level and without steps. There is seating and tables in the divided rooms. The rooms of the lobby are about 40 sqm. The room is in one of the lower old store spaces of the Rondell in the building on Mehringplatz. The walk from the street to the entrance is about 5 m. There are free and paid parking spaces at Mehringplatz and in the adjacent streets. You can stop directly in front of the lobby to get on and off. The nearest subway station Hallesches Tor (U1,U3,U6) can be reached in approx. 90 m by taking the Mehringplatz exit.


There are no parking facilities in the lobby.

For people with disabilities, there are parking spaces in the immediate vicinity: 2 parking spaces (about 120 m away) in Franz-Klühs-Straße (behind Friedrichstraße). More parking spaces in the Kreuzberg/ Friedrichshain area are linked here. The nearest barrier-free stop is the Hallesches Tor subway station (escalator/elevator). From there, parts of the way to the lobby lead over paved paths and tarred roads. In the area in front of the lobby there are several bicycle racks, as well as benches for sitting. The entrance of the lobby is in the area of the covered traffic circle.


Our team speaks German spoken language as well as English spoken language. Depending on the event and the respective organizers, the range of spoken languages may vary. We will provide information on the event page.


A WC (entrance door about 1 m wide) is available on the first floor. This is only conditionally barrier-free. This is a ground level toilet cubicle with a width of 1 meter. Access is through the lobby room. This is an all-gender toilet. An offer for children to change diapers is not available.

Stimuli and features:

The space of the lobby is equipped with floor-to-ceiling shop windows, so that the room is illuminated by daylight. As the rooms are not particularly large (approx. 25 square meters), they can become cramped if there are a large number of people. Regarding the content, comments are communicated on the event pages. The annotations provide guidance on potentially incriminating content that may be potentially triggering. Communication about this allows potential visitors to decide for themselves whether a performance is accessible for them or not. There are 2 rooms, one can be closed to the main room and used as a retreat if necessary.


There is no fixed way to get food in the lobby. The possibility for free drinks, such as water, is given. However, there are numerous offers for food on Mehringplatz: Cafe MadaMe, Mehringplatz 10 (about 30 m away). Food and drinks may be offered at the respective events; information on this will be provided on the event page.


The lobby is not specifically designed for children. There is no special area for children. In the middle of Mehringplatz there is a green area with various seating options. Information regarding a specific offer for children at the event will be provided on the event page.