Artists and urban activists are testing forms of cooperation and design for urban transformation in a network of Berlin-wide urban labs and campus projects: the Initiative Urbane Praxis. A roadmap for sustainable funding and structural development will be drawn up together.


“Urban praxis is artistic activity in all areas relating to the city; in the social, spatial, and educational dimensions, as well as the invention of possible futures (urban planning / urban development). Urban praxis connects the arts with other fields, since the ‘urban’ is what makes diversity and commonality. Urban praxis breaks down disciplinary thought patterns and is explicitly non-disciplinary in its action. It integrates artistic strategies from architecture, fine art, performance, dance, literature, film and many other artistic fields, since it does not concern itself with drawing boundaries, but rather in the potential of connection!”

– Markus Bader, professor at the Institute for Architecture and Urban Development at the UdK (University of the Arts) and co-initiator of the working group, ‘Urbane Praxis’, Council for the Arts