About Urban Practice

Urban practice is common good oriented. Urban practice is self-organized. Urban practice shapes the city from below.

Urban practice is located at the intersection of art, culture, architecture, education, and social issues. Experimental formats enable a holistic view of the city as an organism and make it possible to experience a community-oriented coexistence in the city. Urbane Praxis e.V. is an association of various actors. Together, we demand freedom for action - also at the political level.


Pop UP Woche Tag #1 City Data Walk

Die Pop-Up Woche fand im November 2022 statt. Nach
dem Motto: Next level, eye level haben verschiedene Künstler*innen und Aktivist*innen gefordert: Die Stadt muss b2b mit der Zivilgesellschaft entwickelt werden.

UPon – Upcoming

3:00 – 4:30 pm Talk (EN + ES) with María José Trucco and Elina Rodríguez (CRA – centro rural de arte in Cazón/Argentina): Learning with the periphery.


In summer 2022 Urbane Praxis e.V. was founded. The association facilitates the continuous exchange between practitioners, administration and politics and thus promotes the sustainable transformation of interdepartmental structures in urban development.