UNWORKSHOP #2 – Feminist City with Valeria Schwarz

An event of TrustFUNd, curated by AK Wissen

How feminist is my city, anyway? The development of western cities reflects traditional roles or distribution of work. Thus, the majority of cities were planned for a white, male, heterosexual user. Although these roles, or the separation of space between the private and the public, have weakened, cities are still not inclusive.

This unworkshop is an invitation to appropriate the question of a feminist city and ask it at every opportunity, because everyone benefits from every feminist improvement of urban space!

When: 10. Mai, 15:30 – 18:30

Where: Urbane Praxis Büro, Mehringplatz 8, Berlin

Valeria Schwarz is a feminist artist, curator, cultural mediator and mother. Influenced by speculative fiction and theories of the common good, she works on participatory projects in public spaces. She coordinates the educational network Urbane Künste and leads Urbane Künste Er(be)leben, which artistically elaborates the theme of co-designing the city from the perspective of young people.