“Fuß in der Tür” – #9 Office for urban cross-cutting tasks

The ninth episode of the podcast series "Fuß in der Tür"! Listen in now

A Balenciaga barefoot stiletto shoe as a symbol of the many tasks and competences that the Office of urban cross-cutting tasks would take on

„Fuß in der Tür“ – a podcast of and for urban practitioners
#9 Office for urban cross-cutting tasks – The ninth episode of the podcast series
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For this episode, the podcast team participated as a guest at the StadtWERKSTATT on the so-called Dragonerareal because the workshop “Office for urban cross-sectional tasks” took place here on 18 August.

The “Office for urban cross-cutting tasks” is an innovative interface that will operate in the future in an intermediary and interdepartmental way to create a cooperative urban culture and spaces for joint urban production. The office is expected to act as an amphibious multi-agent between different domains of city-making, to network actors in urban praxis, politics and administration, to facilitate their cooperation and exchange through knowledge saving and transfer, advice, translation, mediation, curatorial work and much more, and to help make long-term, cross-disciplinary structural support possible. Which tasks should such an office have? What competences would be necessary and what structures would the office have to be linked to? The Initiative Urbane Praxis talked about this with the Initiative Stadt NeuDenken (Runder Tisch Liegenschaftspolitik/Roundtable on Real Estate Policy), the Initiativen Forum and representatives of already established intermediary structures from Berlin (AKS Gemeinwohl) and guests from other cities (ZwischenZeitZentrale Bremen and Stephan Willinger from the BBSR). Also present were internal administrative actors from several Berlin districts and the Senate. Fuß in der Tür recorded the event and interviewed individual actors. Those who listen to the end will understand why one can cope with all the cross-sectional tasks only with Balenciaga barefoot stiletto shoes 😉

Research Heimo Lattner, production Ayosha Kortlang, illustration Tomma Suki
A cooperation of the Initiative Urbane Praxis and Torhaus and THF Radio.
„Fuß in der Tür“ is a production of the Initiative Urbane Praxis and is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe as part of the DRAUSSENSTADT programme.

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