Kunst umgehen Hannover about Urban Praxis

In the waiting room of Urban Praxis

various situations showing Urban Praxis

The “Kurzbetrachtung” format of the Hannover communications program “Kunst umgehen” turns its gaze to Berlin’s Urban Praxis in order to incorporate experiences at this summer’s Innenstadtdialog (city center dialogue).

What’s behind the term Urban Praxis? In addition to the potential of collective processes and transdisciplinary alliances, there is also the danger of instrumentalization of urban practice, of inflexibility by best-practice strategies. That’s why it is so important to focus on a practice of trial and error and openness!

The question arises how to promote an “aimless practice.”

The article of Kunst umgehen can be found here: https://kunstumgehendigital.wordpress.com/2021/05/30/30-mai-2021-kurzbetrachtung-im-wartezimmer-der-urbanen-praxis/