“Über Urbane Praxis” #7

The seventh walking explanation of what Urban Praxis actually is

Shadow; Über Urban Praxis

The seventh conversation of the drift dialogues with Sunseeker e.V.:

With the original dream of gardening on the roofs of Haus der Statistik, Isis and Jonas from Sunseeker e.V. moved into HdS in 2019 and planted a raised bed garden in one of the courtyards instead. With the project, they bring what would be considered rural into the middle of the city, promoting urban biodiversity. How does urban gardening and cooking work with what you are growing? In 2020, they realized a garden laboratory on urban food supply: in addition to growing plants, workshops are offered on fermentation and preservation, on permaculture in gardening and urban medicinal herbs. With the garden they create a meeting place for all the people in the house, the neighborhood and also anyone who wants to come by and stay there for an hour or two. At the same time, with the garden they also create a low-threshold access to the development processes around Haus der Statistik.

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