2021: Stadtwerk mrzn

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Stadtwerk mrzn was one campus project in a series of new urban labs exploring the potential of urban practice in Berlin and part of the Urban Practice Initiative in 2021

On a brownfield site at Otto-Rosenberg-Platz in the Marzahn district, almost on the edge of the city, people gardened, built, played, cooked and learned. “Everyone is welcome!”. An inhospitable, fallow neighborhood space was given a lively meeting structure through structural experiments and artistic workshops. Old crafts and new techniques were introduced and diverse construction and design topics were combined with professional orientation of the young trainees and women’s groups on site. Under the guidance of artists, scientists, craftsmen, social workers and architects, our teams learned a lot of things that awakened their hidden talents. The neighborhood kids just called our municipal utility “construction site.” Ein Experiment: Gemeinsam und ohne Gewicht auf Herkunft, Ausbildung, Alter oder Geschlecht arbeiteten wir an “unserer” Stadt, einem visionären Platz für solidarisches, demokratisches Zusammenleben, mit dem sich alle ganz unterschiedlich identifizieren können. The Stadtwerk was a cooperation between S27 – Kunst und Bildung und Berlin Mondiale)

Stadtwerk mrzn had to be dismantled in summer 2022.

Otto-Rosenberg-Platz, 12681 Berlin