Toolbox “Straße zurückerobern”

As soon as we leave the house, we encounter it everywhere: the car. This is because it is given so much space in our society.

As long as cars dominate our cities, they will push social life off our streets. Through equitable distribution, public space can be a meeting place where people can meet, children can play and gardens can grow. Only land justice can improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

What can this toolbox do?

Here you will find everything you need to take back the road. This will give you information and know-how on how you can become active yourself.

The know-how: How-to cards with instructions and ideas for reclaiming the road
Send it out into the world: “Think street differently!” postcard set
Take what you need: Tear-off labels to hang up in your neighborhood
The stickers are beautiful: various stickers – Carless through the night, Bike in the Name of Love, Do it for yourself
Stay fair: Yellow card for parking offenders
+ the VCD Supertool for reclaiming the road

You can order the toolbox here.

Grafik: VCD Mobilität für Menschen