Wednesday #popUPwoche

Wednesdays program during popUp Week

When: 2pm – 4pm

Where: online:

What: You use Wikipedia for information but don’t know how it works? You have noticed that important entries are missing and would like to add something? Then come to our introduction “How to Wiki”, where experts from the wiki community explain the principles and first steps. At a second workshop in December, we will then post or edit articles ourselves.

“How to Wiki” is an event organized by CoCooN in collaboration with the Berlin Wikipedia community and with the support of Wikimedia Deutschland. CoCooN experimentally tests different formats of knowledge transfer and preservation of urban, artistic and collective practices.

When: 3pm – 7pm

Where: Club Real, Osloer Str. 107/108

Was: We build Winogradsky columns and the visitors:inside can host a column with microorganisms for a time with themselves and observe how certain bacteria multiply in different layers and thus form differently colored areas. In the spring, everyone meets again and the bacterial cultures from the columns are analyzed and returned to their place of origin. There are also empathic representative exercises and organizational talks. Pre-registration is requested:

Club Real/Organismendemokratie Who ownes the city? Who lives on public green spaces and who decides what happens there? The organism democracy on the green space Osloer Str. 107/108, which has existed since 2019, finds completely new answers. All living creatures residing here, from snails to ash maples to root-knot bacteria, have the same political rights.

When: 6pm – 10pm

Where: Torhaus, Columbiadamm 10

What: „Fuß in der Tür“ podcast – next season On Wednesday evening, we invite listeners to a podcast recording at the Torhaus. We talk with representatives of urban practice about the tension between hierarchies, between top-down and bottom-up. After the talk there will be music from THF Radio and drinks from the minibar.

Torhaus Berlin e.V. / THF Radio The Torhaus is a self-organized and self-managed community space in the former gatekeeper’s house at Tempelhof Airport. A platform for projects and ideas that explore forms of urban participation and collaborative design. Our amplifier is the online community radio station THF Radio.

When: from 6pm

Where: Torhaus, Columbiadamm 10

What: Near Tempelhofer Feld, looking down on the airport building, the mixed-media live installation THF Video Station contemplates memories and dreams of residents of the district and surrounding neighborhoods. Visitors are invited to participate in building an archive of urban perspectives by sharing their stories and aspirations for the future, including as visual and audio recordings. Trial and Theresa joins forces with Torhaus Berlin and THF Radio to create a space for the exchange of ideas about livable urban coexistence.

Trial and Theresa is a feminist video art and VJ collective. The group formed in 2018 with f%#*n’s presence in the electronic art scene in mind. Our practice is based on collective experimentation in live A/V, installation, cross-media performance and live cinema.