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Clinch Performance

Taking the history of the Bärenzwinger bear enclosure as a starting point, the interdisciplinary performance company WILD ACCESS explores animals in captivity and an encounter with “the wild”. In creating a fictional, immersive environment, the performers fall into a “CLINCH”; a grapple at close quarters between the human and the non-human, between claws and jaws. The audience is invited into an extended choreography that slips across territories of domestication and ferocity.

WILD ACCESS is an interdisciplinary performance company that since 2021 has created site-specific productions for public spaces. Using dance, light, sound and storytelling, their immersive performances bring audiences together to experience urban locations through fictional landscapes and sensory worlds.

Beatrix Joyce (@beatrixjoyce)
Michela Filzi (@michelafilzi)
Lena Gätjens (@lena_geht_jetzt)
Susanna Ylikoski (@susanna.ylikoski)
Savina Casarin (@savvi.cas)
Imola Nagy (@imola._.nagy)
Hannah Schillinger (@hannah.schillinger)
Sebastian Faust (@monsierkrok)

Location: Galerie Bärenzwinger, Rungestraße 30, 10179 Berlin
Dates: 19.04, 20.04, 21.04, 21.00
Free entry.