Reappropriation of our Sprengelpark

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In the summer months, we take care of the Sprengelpark, which is an important meeting place for many residents of ... Reappropriation of our Sprengelpark
Reappropriation of our Sprengelpark

The entrance to the Sprengelpark is regulated by two 1.5 m wide fence doors. The park's terrain is mostly paved, but irregular, with some sandy paths. Due to the nature of the paths, we recommend that wheelchair users enter via Pekinger Platz and not via the entrance in Sprengelstra├če.
Throughout the park there are benches and a covered area with shade.
The surface of the park is mainly flat, without stairs. However, the green areas of the park are hilly.

Around the park there is parking. Since the event will be held at 6 p.m. Saturday, parking in the area surrounding the park is free under the parking management plan.
The nearest subway station is U Amrumer Stra├če (400m from Sprengelpark). There is also a bus stop (line 142) 50 meters from the entrance of the park.

The event will be held in German and English. However, there will be apossibility to translate into Spanish, French and Russian.

The park is equipped with a urinal for men only at Peking Square.

The event will be held outdoors. Noise from the street is minimized by the trees surrounding the site.
A video installation is projected onto a wall. The volume of the sound will be minimal.
Since it is a very busy place in the neighborhood, we can not say exactly how many visitors will come. However, we expect about 100 people.

There will be food and drinks available on a donation basis. But everyone can bring their own food and drinks.

The park is mainly visited by children and families. A major focus will be on the role of children in shaping their environment. There will be small and large watering cans to water the trees, tongs to pick up trash, and a table to make collages.

Yes there will be an awareness person present.
We wish to treat each other with consideration and solidarity. All information about the awareness concept can be found here
You can reach our awareness team of the practice week at the operating times under: +49 157 53 55 41 96 and on site at Mehringpl

In the summer months, we take care of the Sprengelpark, which is an important meeting place for many residents of the neighborhood. The former aircraft factory has been a park since 2007, creating a green corridor and recreational space for youth and adults.
As part of these summer activities, we are organizing an event to celebrate the beauty and importance of Sprengel Park. This is done through a video installation, in collaboration with children from the neighborhood, and through a magazine on the theme of “Sprengelkiez as a sponge city,” with material on tree species and ideas for stormwater management.

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Klima und Kiez AG


The event is part of the initiative DRAUSSENSTADT, funded by the Berlin Project Fund Urban Practice and the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.