“Über Urbane Praxis” #4

The fourth walking explanation of what Urban Praxis actually is

Shadow; Urban Praxis

The fourth conversation of the drift dialogues with Ute Lindenbeck from Haus der Materialiserung:

What are good moments in the city? During a walk along the Karl-Marx-Strasse wind corridor, the artist talks about how she perforates the dividing lines between spaces and disciplines with her interventions in urban space, cultural education projects, and volunteer work at the Haus der Materialisierung and Floating University. The encounter with strangers expands the knowledge and understanding of the city and its inhabitants, makes the quality of the spaces tangible through interaction. Through unplanned situations and improvisation, the costume and set designer creates situations of encounter, through which people come together for a fleeting moment and talk to each other who would not otherwise come together.

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