“Fuß in der Tür” – #12 Grounded urban practice

The very last episode of the podcast series "Fuß in der Tür"! Listen in now

A yellow clog with drawings of a bicycle, a megaphone, a drill and a cityscape

„Fuß in der Tür“ – a podcast of and for urban practitioners
#12 Grounded urban practice – The twelfth and last episode of the podcast series
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In this episode of Fuß in der Tür, , we were guests again at the Haus der Statistik, this time to record a book launch and discussion on grounded urban practice. Where does Berlin’s Urban Praxis position itself in an international comparison? And what will happen next year? With guests from Cairo and Amsterdam and Berlin representatives of the Urban Praxis, this episode reflects and thinks beyond the boundaries of the city. Switch on one last time!
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Research Heimo Lattner, production Ayosha Kortlang, illustration Tomma Suki
A cooperation of the Initiative Urbane Praxis and Torhaus and THF Radio.
„Fuß in der Tür“ is a production of the Initiative Urbane Praxis and is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe as part of the DRAUSSENSTADT programme.

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