“Über Urbane Praxis” #10

The tenth walking explanation of what Urban Praxis actually is

Shadow; Über Urban Praxis

The tenth conversation of the drift dialogues with Alexander Römer from Baupalast am Dragoner:

In 2018, the remunicipalization of the Dragoner Areal was announced. For almost ten years, committed actors have been demanding a say in the process of selling the premises and have turned the investor process into a civil society process. The Baupalast am Dragoner is a prototype of a self-designing urban laboratory of urban practice, situated on the Rathausblock (city hall block), a model project for urban development in Berlin. In order to strengthen the interface with civil society or the city residents who are not anchored in the administration or planning, the local actors continuously open the planning bubble through networking. During a walk through the premises of the model project Rathausblock, Alexander Römer talks about cooperation situations and the participants learning from each other.

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