Urban Praxis in the Zählgemeinschaft’s agreement

The district of Neukölln anchored the concept of Urban Praxis in the Zählgemeinschaft's agreement

A sign with the text "Urbane Praxis" is leaning against the wall. Behind the sign you can see a poster with a picture of the Floating and the text "Get on board and transform the city".

On 1 November 2021, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and the SPD Neukölln signed a Zählgemeinschaft’s agreement 2021-2026. Neukölln has been the first district in Berlin to anchor the concept of Urban Praxis in the agreement.

“We will take up the concept of Urban Praxis and enable more art formats in public space. Temporarily vacant spaces and rooms in the district are to be made available for social and cultural (interim) uses for a limited period of time.” (p.21, 12. Further education and culture, item 6, unofficial translation)

The original text of the agreement can be found at www.gruene-neukoelln.de (in German only).