BAUPALAST is an association of people who want to make city together. They share spaces, tools and knowledge to show in different places in the city that alternative urban development is not only urgently needed but also possible.

Many people not only want to live in the city, but also want to play an active role in shaping it. They question habits, organize meetings and interfere in city politics. A BAUPALAST serves as a support structure for this movement. The Baupalast is a utopia taking shape: a place where, beyond participation, the city can be shaped together. A place where solutions for a diverse coexistence in the city can be developed together, away from thinking in terms of responsibilities. A place where free spaces are created, in a city that has less and less of them.

The Baupalast is a cooperative project of various collectives: Constructlab, Guerilla Architects, the Institute for Applied Heterotopia, the film production OFFscreen, the Cairo Kulturkiosk, the bicycle workshop fahrrad3000 as well as the team of Books People Places form the foundation for an open and expanding network of city makers.

Obentrautstr. 1-21, 10963 Berlin