Fluss Bad Berlin


With Fluss Bad Berlin, we want to reactivate the Spree Canal - and eventually the entire inner-city Spree - as a public space in the center of Berlin.

The urban development project, which has won several awards, combines various goals at different levels: For example, it is about a future-oriented urban design, the recovery and reinterpretation of the Spree as an urban development axis, the ecological improvement of the inner-city Spree, an improved use of (natural) resources, and the creation of a new, non-commercial and cross-generational and cross-milieu meeting place for the urban society and the visitors*. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The project will be continuously developed, working with different partners, exchanging information with various actors and stakeholders, and keeping the interested public involved and informed. This is where our so called Fluss Bad Garten comes into play: a public space in the center of Berlin, that we’ve created in cooperation with the European School of Management and Technology Berlin (ESMT). The small green oasis with a kiosk, seating and an open-air exhibition not far from the Humboldt Forum has now established itself as an educational and information platform for education, experimentation and science. We organize different (event) formats on a regular basis here in order to inform and discuss about the project and related topics – establishing the garden as an information platform for education, exchange and experiment over the last years. Next to our “own” programme, the garden is also seen as a public space for participating: Other initiatives and projects are invited to use it for their own events or collaborations. If you’re interested or need more information, just drop a short message: info@flussbad-berlin.de.


© Annette Hauschild, Agentur Ostkreuz by courtesy of Flussbad Berlin e.V.

Sperlingsgasse 1, 10178 Berlin