QUESTIONARCH (Fix-o-tek / Vide-o-tek)

The Fix-o-tek and the Vide-o-tek are alternative exhibition and project spaces in Berlin, focused on themes of sustainability, public space, material re-use and experimental urban ideas

From autumn 2020 on, we are supported, funded and a part of Urbane Praxis and Draussenstadt in order to open the arches to young, emerging and underrepresented artists, designers, architects, urban-practitioners, makers and performers.

If you are interested in the project and/or want to participate or show your work please contact us here:

Members: Elias Gerakelis, Ioannis Siopidis, Irvandy Syafruddin, Gianni Laneri Deforne, Dan Dorocic, Chloe Borreguero Boleis, Victor Navarro, Elizabeth Zautashvili, Berk Asal +

Lohmühlenstraße 64B, 12435