Sorge ins Parkcenter!


The group "Sorge ins ParkCenter" has been working cooperatively with the neighborhood since 2023 to turn shopping malls into care centers. For a city of short distances with good local amenities.

The almost empty ParkCenter in Treptow is to be partially demolished and replaced by new buildings. That would be a mistake not only from an ecological but also from a social point of view. Instead of even more offices, “Sorge ins ParkCenter” is calling for care close to home and uses oriented towards the common good – in other words, what people really need!

The former shopping center in Treptow is to become a central place in the neighborhood again, where the focus is on social interaction and caring for oneself, others and the environment.

We need a rethink and a new organization of vital work, because it often leads to overwork, loneliness and impoverishment. Everyday domestic and care work needs appreciation and support and should be radically redistributed! An important starting point for this are community-owned care centers in our neighborhoods. Our goal is a caring city!

Am Treptower Park 14, 12435 Berlin