Zukunftswerkstatt Heinersdorf


We are happy to start a new cooperation with Zukunftswerkstatt Heinersdorf and to link up there with the Berlin Mondiale network!

The Future Workshop Heinersdorf has been working actively on the design of Heinersdorf since 2006. The association consists of people who are committed to their district and want to change it positively: Families, couples and single people, younger and older people, old residents and newcomers. And they have already achieved a lot: a playground and a football field have been built in recent years, the association organizes numerous projects, runs a neighborhood house and has become a contact point for citizens from Heinersdorf. Together with the Future Workshop, we organize events such as concerts, theater performances and youth workshops, among others. For this purpose, we built extra new infrastructure in 2021: a bar, a new toilet and storage facilities for the student club!

Romain-Rolland-Str. 112
13089 Berlin