The card set Choreography & Urban Practice

The card set as an interface between choreography and urban practice.

The card set Choreography & Urban Practice is an invitation to think about urban design from a choreographic perspective. A total of 12 playing cards are distillates from a three-day thinking lab in December 2022, in which ten artists* and curators with longstanding choreographic practice with urban or other “outdoor” spaces participated. During the TrustFunD Unworkshop on 27.9. the map set was presented in the Lobby Urbane Praxis and first practical applications were tested together.

The Denklabor Choreography, Dance and Urban Practice: Questions, Theses, Perspectives and the resulting map set were supported by the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing as part of the expansion of the Netzwerkstelle Urbane Praxis, supported by Urbane Praxis e.V.

The digital version of the map set is available for download here.

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Source reference:

Choreography, Dance and Urban Practice Lab (Belasco Rogers, D., Chauchat, A., Hanna, S., Hoerster E., Kramer P., Münker K., Reuter, G., Seeger, S., S., Soldan, S. und Zahn, S.) (2023): Choreography & Urban Practice (Set of Cards). Self-published.

concept card set: Eva-Maria Hoerster, Gabriele Reuter, Sabine Zahn, Yorgos Konstantinou

visual project support, illustration: Yorgos Konstantinou /

Layout: Marcus Mazzoni
translation: Daniel Belasco Rogers
Print: Schulz & Schulz