ÜBER Urbane Praxis project documentation

ÜBER Urbane Praxis' project documentation is online

An excerpt from the publication "ÜBER Urbane Praxis" (ABOUT Urban Praxis): in the middle is a drawing of cars and a speech bubble asking: "What is Urban Praxis?"

Some of you were able to hold the printed project documentation of ÜBER Urbane Praxis (ABOUT Urban Praxis) in your hands at Situation Berlin #2. Now, the project documentation is also available in digital form.
With this brochure, ÜBER Urbane Praxis looks forward and back and, with the principles and qualities of Urbane Praxis, provides our state of discussion.

“Perhaps with the term “Urban Praxis” we can finally linguistically capture something that has long been practised in a wide variety of cities and in diverse ways: a direct working on the cultural level of city with intense connections to what we are used to think of as separate disciplines: social work, urban development, art, architecture, education, civil society, … Urban Praxis is an invitation not to think in terms of competences and demarcations, but to seek what is common and unifying, a practice of productive and pleasurable mixing.” (Markus Bader)

Here you can find the project documentation (in German only) and here you can download the map with Urban Praxis locations in Berlin.