Freitag #popUPwoche

Hier findet ihr das Programm der PopUp Woche für Freitag

Wann: 13h – 15h

Wo: „Lobby“ am Mehringplatz 8

Was: Kommt vorbei und lernt die Netzwerkstelle des Urbane Praxis e.V. kennen.

Wann: 15h – 16:30h

Wo: „Lobby“ am Mehringplatz 8

Was: UPon – Urban Practice from other nooks” is a series of informal talks that reflects on UP from an inclusive, multilingual, context-bound and feminist perspective, connecting the network with practitioners around the world, focussing on the Global South. Together with the art collective OPÁVIVARA! (Brazil) who activate public spaces we explore how the term UP can be understood in the context of Rio de Janeiro. The talk will be followed by an open Q&A. The series of talks is organised and conceptualised by Valeria Schwarz (artist, curator, art mediator and mother) and Lorène Blanche Goesele (architect, photographer and cultural worker).

OPAVIVARÁ! is an art collective from Rio de Janeiro, which develops actions in public spaces of the city, galleries and cultural institutions, proposing inversions in the use of urban space, through the creation of relational devices that provide collective experiences. Since its creation in 2005, the group has been actively participating in the Brazilian contemporary art scene.

Join in person or online here:

*Gespräch findet auf Englisch statt*

Wann: 9:30h – 18:30h

Wo: Werkhof im Haus der Statistik

Was: BAKING FUTURES : Brotbackofen-Bau. Der ursprüngliche Brotofen aus Stampflehm wurde im April de*konstruiert. Nun wird er aus den gleichen natürlichen Materialien im Sinne zirkulären Bauens wieder neu re*konstruiert und für die zukünftige gemeinschaftlich  Nutzung optimiert. 

Baking Futures addresses the value of communal, practical doing within both professional practice and private everyday life. It combines the collective construction of a clay fire baking oven with the experience of preparing a simple meal from primary materials, centered around some “real” sourdough. The clay construction and food preparation are conducted in a slow, conscious and performative way alongside conversations around everyday rituals and practices.

Wann: ab 16:30h

Wo: Fixotek-Videotek Lohmühlenstr, 65, 2435 Berlin

Was: Filmscreening