UP Trust FUNd – Events of Urbanen Praxis

UP Trust FUNd event series to test a knowledge transfer of urban practitioners*.

Trust is the basis for shared experiences in space and thus of networking.
The event series “Urbane Praxis TrustFUNd”(roughly translated: “Urban Practice Trust Assets”) invites you to a series of formats that test internal as well as external knowledge transfer. You can find all events on the poster and detailed descriptions below.

For all of UP Trust FUNd ask themselves collectively, how can explorations and applications of those forms of knowledge production help make entanglements and interdependencies in urban development visible and understandable? How can ecological, philosophical, and political theories and issues be translated into experiential, caring practice, for inclusive and integral urban development and for the future of a socially and environmentally sustainable urban landscape? How can participation be demanded and experienced in the urban environment?

The Trust FUNd formats serve to activate and test specific issues in urban space. Conceived and organized by the working group Knowledge Transfer of Urbane Praxis e.V. (AK Wissen: @Berit Fischer, @Anja Fritz, @Silvia Gioberti, @Noah Hoefer, @Nike Kraft, @Miodrag Kuč, @Shahrzad Rahmani).


The workshops are free and no registration is required. We will announce the time and language(s) used 2 weeks in advance on the website and Instagram.


Invisible Strings

Do you sometimes feel that some conversations are too abstract to understand? Invisible Strings is an immersive art experience that invites the public to spin colorful strings and weave them into a collective artwork while physically touching the words.
We playfully connect concepts relevant to our interests and have the opportunity to contribute text as well.
How can we communicate knowledge effectively?
How can we activate public spaces?
Urban practice collectives and professionals work in areas between art and architecture,and Invisible Strings builds on relevant network questions to explore these in-between spaces. How does a concrete conversation differ from an abstract one? How can art enhance our learning and mutual understanding?
The installation “Invisible Strings” is a
tangible conversation platform that you can not only create, but also enter.

Time: 16:30 – 18:30
(Accompanied written reflection) opposite the Urbane Praxis office, Mehringplatz 8, Berlin.
with @sitespecificideas

office@urbanepraxis.berlin. As part of “Urbane Praxis Trust FUNd”, you can expect a number of other formats this year that test the internal as well as the external transfer of knowledge.

How feminist is my city, anyway?

The development of western cities reflects traditional roles or distribution of work. Thus, the majority of cities were planned for a white, male, heterosexual user. Although these roles, or the separation of space between the private and the public, have weakened, cities are still not inclusive.
This unworkshop is an invitation to appropriate the question of a feminist city and ask it at every opportunity, because everyone benefits from every feminist improvement of urban space!

Valeria Schwarz is a feminist artist, curator, cultural mediator and mother. Influenced by speculative fiction and theories of the common good, she works on participatory projects in public spaces. She coordinates the educational network Urbane Künste and leads Urbane Künste Er(be)leben, which artistically elaborates the theme of co-designing the city from the perspective of young people. The whole thing will take place at the Urbane Praxis office, Mehringplatz 8, Berlin.


Good Mourning Climate by Jöran Mandik @jorzmanduki & Kilian Flade @sanktkilian (As part of the UP Trust Fund).

Forest fires are increasing, the lakes around Berlin are drying up and in Kreuzberg 447 thirsty trees had to be cut down last year. That is sad. However, the framework for mourning is usually lacking. In the workshop we will create this framework, jointly develop ideas for a climate memorial and prototype them in order to enable collective remembrance for just such losses. We will work with the methods of Weather Report and Dirty Design. It will be emotional, entertaining and also fun. Because when everything feels like it’s going down the drain, it’s easy to feel powerless. We therefore use this workshop to create something constructive and will end the day with a ceremonial inauguration of the results at the floating bar.


Schwarz: EEEE – Eine Erzählung, Ein Eis

(Wurde verschoben)


Bündnis Feuer & Flamme: Mapping Mehringplatz (MM)

as part of the UP-Tust-Fund program, Paula Erstmann and Yann Colonna present one of their jointly developed formats.

We will explore two complementary memory practices of everyday urban life, from which we have developed artistic formats for urban practitioners. Fire serves as a metaphorical link between processes of perception, and the materiality of food and ceramics. Both formats have been developed within the framework of the “Alliance Fire and Flame” on the Dragoner Areale//Rathausblock. We will theoretically rework the performance in order to situate it together with you in the field of urban practice.

For technical reasons, the contribution is divided into two dates:

on Wednesday 02.08.2023 16:30 we will walk Mehringplatz and surroundings and produce clay impressions of surfaces and objects. Like the cuneiform tablets of prehistoric Mesopotamia, the Tobn prints carry stories and memories. Instead of stories of rulers and heroic deeds, we produce memory of ephemeral urban everyday life and leave traces of our own existence.

Since the clay prints have to be dried and fired afterwards, we postpone the second part of the performance to a later date.

At a later date we will use the produced prints as cooking utensils to organize a picnic on the Mehringpaltz. Food serves as an expression of one’s life’s creation. Smell, appearance, texture, preparation, presentation, and the ritual of eating together, are used associatively to draw on memories and to produce new memories. Memory and memory practice thus become emancipatory tools for creating communities in a fragmented, neo-liberal city.

We look forward to lively participation from veteran and aspiring Urban Practitioners*, whom we would like to address directly in the spirit of the UP Trust Fund.

13.09.2023 16.30-19h

Berit Fischer: Listening Deeply as Urbane Praxis

Where: Treffpunkt Urbane Praxis Lobby, Am Mehringplatz 8

What does it mean to think urban practice and urban space through conscious listening (listening deeply), so that space can be perceived and experienced through the sense of hearing as a sensual, physical experience? How can human, living and architectural bodies relate in urban space through conscious listening? Around Mehringplatz we will playfully experience different auditory stimuli individually and together and try out interaction with them in order to create new spaces of experience and imagination.

Inspired by composer, performer and activist Pauline Oliveros, we will practice non-hierarchical listening. Dive into the urban sonosphere with us to sharpen our positioning in urban space through sonic and physical awareness. The session will be held outdoors; please dress comfortably for the weather and bring a mat or pad to lie on. If it rains, some exercises will take place indoors.

In English, German translation possible.

Afterwards, there will be drinks in the Urbane Praxis lobby.

Berit Fischer (PhD) is a curator, researcher, artist, writer and editor focusing on experiential and socio-ecological knowledge building, and critical spatial and transformative emancipatory practices. She is the founder of the nomadic Radical Empathy Lab, a research lab for experiential knowledge building, founder and curator of the (Re-)Gaining Ecological Futures festival at Floating University Berlin.


Eva-Maria Hörster, Gabriele Reuter and Sabine Zahn: Choreography and the Urban Practice


Head in the Clouds: Utopien über Umwege näher kommen