Annual exhibition at Haus der Statistik

The exhibition "Über Urbane Praxis in 12+1 Berliner Projekten" (About Urban Praxis in 12+1 Berlin projects) takes place between 2 and 26 June at HdS

Facade of the Haus der Statistik, making futures, © Nils Koenning

In June the Haus der Statistik opens its doors! A special highlight of the annual exhibition of pioneering uses, which will run in June under the title “BAusstellung”, is the exhibition “Über Urbane Praxis in 12+1 Berliner Projekten” (On Urban Praxis in 12+1 Berlin Projects), which shows and questions fundamental principles and qualities of urban practice in Berlin. The Haus der Statistik occupies a central position in the network of Berlin urban labs and campus projects, because this model project would be inconceivable without the artistic-cultural methodology of Urban Praxis at such a central and historically loaded location in the city of Berlin. The exhibition opens on 2 June at 18:00 and ends with a closing ceremony on 26 June at 20:00.

In the frame of the exhibition 4 expeditions to other campus projects take place on thursdays at 16:00 starting from the Haus der Statistik:
1. on 3 June to Stadtwerk mrzn
2. on 10 June to station urbaner kulturen / nGbK Hellersdorf
3. on 17 June to Baupalast at the Dragoner-Areal
4. on 24 June to ZK/U.

Further information about what happens on site and about the programme of the annual exhibition will be published soon in the newsletter of the Haus der Statistik in June and on HdS’ website!

Foto: HdS entkernt, making futures, © Nils Koenning