Aerial view of Place Internationale in Hellersdorf. People play cricket.

Through the archive

Until 12 March it is possible to visit the exhibition “Through the archive”

Collage of images: Top left, three people looking at the exhibits in the ÜBER Urbane Praxis exhibition; bottom left, Joseph Jelemani represents the sycamore maple in the first session of the Parliament of Organisms in Berlin; top right, an illustration of a building with solar panels on the left and plants on the right; bottom right, the logo of Er(be)leben and of the exhibition [SM]art Cities

Tuesday-bar with special programme

ÜBER Urbane Praxis (ABOUT Urban Praxis), Transformation Haus und Feld (Transformation House and Field), Organismendemokratie (Organisms Democracy) and [SM]art Cities by Er(be)leben introduce themselves

Children play on the street at Wasserwerk. Photo by Mohamed Badarne

Wasserwerk Festival

Together with many different stakeholders, Berlin Mondiale organises the Wasserwerk Festival

Event cancelled

Unfortunately, today’s event had to be canceled due to weather conditions

Mapping the Kotti Shop, UDK (guest lecturer Urban Planning). © WG station urbaner kulturen

Keeping Common Spaces Open

Until 4 september it is possible to visit the exhibition at the station urbaner kulturen/nGbK Hellersdorf

Climate Care Festival 2021

Floating ̶U̶n̶i̶v̶e̶r̶s̶i̶t̶y̶ ‘s Climate Care Festival shows how diverse Urban Praxis can be

Spaces of resilience

During the summer semester, students and teachers of architecture and urban planning from Berlin’s University of the Arts (UdK) will

Festival delle periferie

IPER – Festival of peripheries will also discuss about Hellersdorf, urban Praxis, institutionalisation and much more

Annual exhibition at Haus der Statistik

The exhibition “Über Urbane Praxis in 12+1 Berliner Projekten” (About Urban Praxis in 12+1 Berlin projects) takes place between 2 and 26 June at HdS

Picture of a stamp and announcement of the event "How to Genehmigungen"

How to Genehmigungen

The Culture Funding Point of Berlin (Kulturförderpunkt Berlin) hosts an online info-session free of charge about permits and licensing and allowance processes

All About Palaces

A workshop around the topic of palace, which you can now watch on YouTube