Urbane Praxis fördern – Multiperspektivisch denken

Berliner Projektfonds Urbane Praxis office@urbanepraxis.berlin instagram.com deutsch, englisch Mehringdamm 20, 10961 Berlin
A critical conversation about Urban Practice, our perspectives on it, the funding formats, and expectations and needs attached to it.

The event will take place indoors. Stadtwerkstatt (eagle hall) in the city hall block is accessible without barriers.The path from the entrance of the site to the Stadtwerkstatt is paved with paving stones.

U Mehringdamm. The Stadtwerkstatt (Adlerhalle) auf dem Dragonerareal/Rathausblock,
Obentrautstraße 19-21, 10963 Berlin, behind the Finanzamt Kreuzberg

You can find a map here: https://www.baustelle-gemeinwohl.de/stadtwerkstatt/

German and if required English

There are accessible, gender-neutral restrooms on site.

The hall has enough natural light (skylights) and is additionally lit in the evening.

Water, tea and coffee free of charge. Other drinks on a donation basis

A safe play area could be established if needed. For this, please contact in advance office@urbanepraxis.berlin Parking facilities for strollers are available.

We wish to treat each other with consideration and solidarity. All information about the awareness concept can be found here https://www.urbanepraxis.berlin/awareness/
You can reach our awareness team of the practice week at the operating times under: +49 157 53 55 41 96 and on site at Mehringpl

Based on our own perspectives, we want to talk with you about Urban Practice and your perspectives. On the one hand we would like to introduce ourselves as a team and on the other hand give you an insight into our work. But also discuss questions like; how can we think Urban Practice multidimensionally, and what does that even mean? How can access be enabled and barriers removed, particularly in the funding landscape. What are the needs and what are the consequences for funding formats?

Event location:

Stadtwerkstatt (Adlerhalle) im Rathausblock, Mehringdamm 20, 10961 Berlin

Organization/ Initiative:

The office of the Berlin Project Fund Urban Practice at the Foundation for Cultural Education and Cultural Consulting is responsible for two funding formats: the Berlin Project Fund Urban Practice (BPUP) and the DRAUSSENSTADT Call for Action. As a third project, the team also takes care of the TXL model area. The question of What is Urban Practice resonates throughout, as well as a critical examination of the issue of access and barrier removal in cultural offerings.