Cheers to Change! deutsch,englisch Kienitzer Str. 26, 12053 Berlin
Free event for all those who long for knowledge and change in the drinking culture as we know it and ... Cheers to Change!

We wish to treat each other with consideration and solidarity. You can also find all information about the awareness concept on our website.
You will recognize our awareness team by the purple vests throughout the evening. You can contact them at any time.

Kienitzer Str. 26 can be reached by taking the U7 underground line to Karl-Marx Straße. From there it is another 450 m to the location, the path is slightly uphill.

Presentations and "regulars' tables" are held in German spoken language, translation into English spoken language is possible.

There is a clearly signposted gender-neutral toilet in the Späti, which is barrier-free.

At the event, you will be able to buy our kombucha and beer at cost price or on a donation basis. Free bar snacks will be available throughout the evening. You also have the opportunity to purchase the usual late-night snacks at the bar.

Free event for all those who long for knowledge and change in the drinking culture as we know it and want to reappropriate places of nightlife!
Let’s get together with experts at discussion tables to learn, discuss and reflect together. Our aim is to create a safer, more inclusive and more supportive drinking culture.

New food for thought is to be created in themed tables and jointly formulated in demands on our nightlife. A drink will be presented to go with it, which should lead to new discussions and suggestions, and not just in this context. The evening ends where it began in a cozy Späti with a leisurely sip of a solidary drinking culture.


17:00 Start – Presentation of the drink “Scheiden*Pils”

18:00 “Stammtische” with input to the topics:

Safer Use with Chillout e.V.

Awareness in nightlife with the team of SchwuZ

Between the DJ booth and the bar, consensual flirting and partying with Konsens & Pommes

20:00 DJ vega.vimusic

What is the “Pils” all about?
We present two special editions:
The ScheidenPils-Beer and -Kombucha. Like our experts, they share knowledge about drinking culture and provide impetus for discussions. They serve as information carriers and, like us, are an existing part of this culture. Drinks are provided on a donation basis. Provocation and demands instead of inaction. Join us for a drinking culture for all!

More information here.

*Disclaimer: The term “vagina” does not refer to a person’s genitalia, but to a feminist reinterpretation and appropriation of a frequently used discriminatory word. The name is reminiscent of the scabbard of a sword. Vulvas are neither counterparts nor accessories. We clearly distance ourselves from this.