Anna Schäffler, Ausstellung und Aktionsarchiv Dragonerareal 2019

‘CoCooN’, a place for the preservation of urban, collective and artistic practices in Berlin; Archive Urban Praxis at the Dragonerareal.

CoCooN is a location for researching, testing, and conveying the conservation of urban, collective and artistic practices, and simultaneously a library and archive space at the Dragonerareal in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Together with actors from theory and praxis, CoCooN initiates interdisciplinary research on the challenges of preserving practices and processes of contemporary cultural heritage. For the archive of urban praxis, a mobile module for material collection and a platform for exchange between the various project participants is being created as part of the Baupalast at Dragonerareal.

CoCooN develops experimental communication formats for the networking of decentralised knowledge and also forms an interface to public memory institutions.

Obentrautstr. 1-21, 10963 Berlin