Stadtwerk mrzn

Stadtwerk mrzn is a campus project in a series of new city laboratories to research the potential of urban praxis in Berlin. On a fallow site at Otto-Rosenberg-Platz in the Marzahn district, almost at the edge of the city, gardening, building, playing, cooking and learning has been taking place since June 2020.
“Everyone is welcome!”. We show each other how it’s done: barren, disused space in the neighbourhood is given a lively structure for gathering through built experiments and artistic workshops. We feel our way around old trades, get to know new techniques, and combine diverse construction and design topics with the professional orientation of the young trainees and women’s groups on site.
With the guidance of artists, scientists, craftsmen, social workers and architects, our teams learn a great number of things that awaken their hidden talents. The children from the neighbourhood simply call our Stadtwerk, “Baustelle” (‘construction site’). It is an experiment: together and without any emphasis on origin, education, age or gender, we work on ‘our’ city, a visionary place for solidarity and democratic coexistence with which everyone can identify in totally different ways.

Stadtwerk mrzn (a cooperation of S27 – Kunst und Bildung and Berlin Mondiale)

Otto-Rosenberg-Platz, 12681 Berlin


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